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Plastic Gaylords

The plastic Gaylord is a heavy-duty, reusable, collapsible bulk container specifically designed to handle the rigorous demands of storing and transporting flowable materials such as resins, powders, granulated materials, liquids, and semi-liquids. Made from FDA-approved, food grade polymers, and with a weight capacity of up to 3300 lbs., the plastic Gaylord is engineered to withstand the pressure of flowable materials not possible with other bulk containers.

The plastic gaylord is sometimes referred to as an Intermediate Bulk Container or IBC.

These containers are used in a variety of industries including:

  • Plastic resin storage and handling - these containers replace the old cardboard gaylord that is not good to stack and has constant puncture damage.
  • Flowable products like liquids and oils - plastic gaylords provide strong stack strength and has great durability.
  • Food processing - plastic gaylords are perfect for things like tomoato paste, vegetable puree's and other semi-liquid products.
Plastic gaylords have great features:

  • Strong stack strength - in many applications, the storage bins can stack 5 high to save floor space and eliminate racking systems.
  • Hygenic - these plastic containers are easily washable and help meet stringent food safety guidelines.
  • Durable - these bulk bins can be used over and over again, while the cardboard gaylord is good for one or two trips before they are unusable.
  • Sustainable - plastic bulk containers can be used year after year and are 100% recyclable, thereby contributing to the circular economy and reduced carbon footprint.

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