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Pallet Pack Containers

Pallet Pack containers provide lightweight durability and efficiency! Reusable plastic pallet packs save money, protect contents better, and stack securely for more efficient space utilization. Designed with plastic pallet bottoms and tops, typically combined with a triple-wall corrugated sleeve, pallet packs can handle some of the toughest material handling tasks. Because of their light weight, pallet packs allow for secure handling and excellent worker safety.

The pallet pack sleeve pack container system is cost-effective, often paying for itself within six months, saving customers thousands of dollars a year in container, storage and shipping costs. For instance, the patented slide-lock eliminates costly time-consuming banding and stretch-wrapping systems. Pallets and top caps are nestable and the sleeves are collapsible, yielding improved warehouse utilization and reducing return freight costs. In addtion, it only takes one person one minute to assemble one pallet pack collapsible container, saving valuable employee time on the job. The pallet pack container is strong and durable. Its sleeves extend to the floor providing unmatched top-to-bottom compression strength, allowing it to be stacked four or more high. And finally, because pallet pack bulk containers can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, they are environmentally friendly.

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