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Hopper Bottom Bulk Containers

Hopper bottom bulk containers are the solution for handling powders and grain! Hopper bottom containers are ideal for accurately dispensing small, granular materials such as seed, grain, powder, resins, and small, uniformly-shaped products. Hopper bottom containers eliminate the need to dump material, no secondary removal processes are necessary, no material is lost or wasted and no contamination takes place. Hopper bottom containers are structural-foam molded in high density polyethylene and the base consists of a gravity feed mechanism.

Key Industries:

  • Agriculture - seed bins have been used extensively to store and dispense seed for corn, grain and other row crop vegetables. The Centerflow container is especially suited for this application.
  • Food Processing - hopper bottom containers make good work-in-process containers for things that need to be stored and easily discharged through a center position in the container. The slide gate can be used to meter the flow of ingredients.
  • Industrial - plastic hopper containers have been used in many applications where product metering and discharge of flowable product is required. Products like golf ball cores, or bottle caps, easily flow through the container.

Key Features:
  • Center discharge - hopper storage containers have a center discharge for easy metering of contents.
  • Strength and Durability - hopper bottom bins are made from super strong HDPE for a long service life and recyclability.
  • Multiple Sizes - the storage bins come in multiple sizes to fit any application or demand volume.
  • Smooth Interior - the hopper containers have a smooth interior that protects its contents.

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