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Collapsible Bulk Containers

Collapsible bulk containers are the reusable plastic containers that have revolutionized material handling!

In almost all cases, reusable collapsible bulk containers reduce cost, better utilize space, and improve environmental impact compared to expendable packaging. They stack securely and protect what's carried inside, and can be collapsed to a fraction of their height when not in use. They can be used to move or store raw materials, parts assemblies, industrial parts, and all types of commercial products. These containers are recyclable and are made for the Circular Economy and have a very low carbon footprint due to their reuseability. These collapsible storage bins are made using high-grade plastics such as HDPE and high impact polypropylene.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduces waste when compared to expendable or cardboard packaging
  • Exceptional durability
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Better product and part protection
  • More ergonomic with collapsible sidewalls and drop doors
  • Can be stacked when loaded, saving valuable floor space
  • Exceptional load handling and stack strength

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