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All Types of Containers and Accessories in Stock

Bulk Container Express stocks all types of bulk containers and accessories.   Whether you need a fleet of collapsible bulk contaienrs to streamline your shipping and production, or agricultural and harvest bins for FDA certifiied activities, Bulk Contianer Express is your one-stop shop for in-stock and ready to ship bulk containers.    If you are looking for a robust container that can handle high sidewall pressure or flowable materials like resin and pre-forms, Plastic Gaylords are the bulk container of choice.  Plastic Gaylords have all of teh storage and shipping advantages of collapsible bulk containers, while additionally being designed to handle high sidewall stresses and resist damage due to their dual-skin construction.  For aplications where teh weight of the container is as imporant as its capacity, Pallet Pack bulk containers are the lightweight solution for heavy duty applications.  Each Pallet Pack container is made of a three piece system with a plastic base and top supported by either a plastic or corrugated sleeve.  The threee piece system amkes these containers easy to move and transport, while also making them extremely space efficeint for long-term storage.   No matter your needs or application Bulk Container Express has the right container in-stock right now.