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40 x 48 Plastic Gaylords

40 x 48 Plastic Gaylords are FDA-approved, heavy-duty containers. These bulk containers have smooth, injection-formed walls that are easy to sanitize and won't trap debris. Reusable and collapsible.

Plastic gaylords have great features:

  • Strong stack strength - in many applications, the storage bins can stack five high to save floor space and eliminate racking systems.
  • Hygenic - these plastic containers are easily washable and help meet stringent food safety guidelines.
  • Durable - these bulk bins can be used over and over again, while the cardboard gaylord is good for one or two trips before they are unusable.
  • Sustainable - plastic bulk containers can be used year after year and are 100% recyclable, thereby contributing to the circular economy and reduced carbon footprint.
For applications and detailed information about the DuraGreen line of 40 x 48 Reusable Plastic Gaylords, visit our parent company RPP Containers.

  • Clear Facets