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Shipping and Return Policy

United States Transit Times

Due to current market conditions, many of our LTL freight partners, including FedEx freight, are experiencing delays in multiple regions of the USA. RPP Containers and Bulk Container Express will do our best to get all orders out in a timely manner, but all quoted transit times are estimates and not guaranteed. Please reach out to us directly on time-sensitive deliveries.

Bulk Container Express has partnered with industry leading freight providers to ensure fast and accurate delivery of our customers' orders. With a truly national delivery footprint and over 350 state-of-the-art terminals across the country, FedEx Freight Priority provides accurate online end-to-end tracking and shipment visibility. BCE proudly provides unsurpassed efficiency and impeccable delivery time frames to ensure customer satisfaction.

By partnering with industry leading freight providers Bulk Container Express is able to pass on significant discounts to our customers, and ensure the highest level of customer service.

Our main distribution warehouse, centrally located in Cincinnati, OH, has standard transit times that range between 2-5 business days and 80% of the US population falls within the 3-day transit area. Including: New York, NY – Orlando, FL – Dallas, TX – Fargo, ND – Denver, CO.

Map of estimated shipping times within continental USA

Canadian Transit Times

For our Canadian customers Bulk Container Express has partnered with a network of freight delivery companies to ensure the most efficient and economical delivery of your merchandise. These agreements give Bulk Container Express greater reach and faster delivery to more parts of Canada.

As a non-resident importer certified by the Canadian government with our own Canadian business ID Bulk Container Express takes the guesswork out of international shipping and customs clearance. Our special designation allows us to give our customers door-to-door rates and handle all of the paperwork and fees associated with cross-border shipping. You may also designate your customs broker of choice during checkout for convenience.

Map of estimated shipping times across Canada

Common Shipping Policies


Shipping costs are determined based on the size, weight, and destination of the order, along with any additional service charges necessary for delivery. Shipping charges may be estimated prior to checkout. This is denoted by the “Estimate Shipping” button and can be found on the “My Cart” page. Shipping costs will also be presented prior to payment during the checkout process.


The freight company will expect the recipient to unload the products from the truck when it arrives at the delivery address. A loading dock, forklift, or a pallet jack may be required. If the recipient does not have a loading dock, or the equipment necessary to unload the order from the delivery vehicle it may be necessary to select a special delivery service in addition to standard shipping charges.

Special Services:

There are several special services offered by our freight partners that maybe necessary depending on the specifics of your delivery location. It is the customer's responsibility to choose the proper delivery method special services during checkout. If the proper service level is not selected the order may become undeliverable or incur significant additional charges. Special delivery services offered by Bulk Container Express include: Residential Delivery, Lift-gate Service, and Limited Access Delivery. Special services are not mutually exclusive, and a combination of services may be necessary to insure proper delivery of your order.

Residential Delivery:

Residential delivery locations may include but are not limited to: private residences, apartment complexes, dormitories, businesses located at a private residence, farm, or ranch that are not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours. Pickup and delivery service to residences will be made to the front door, back door, or inside the garage. If your destination qualifies as ”Residential” it is necessary to select the proper service level during checkout to insure receipt of the order.

Lift-gate Service:

A lift-gate is a motorized platform attached to the back of the truck that will physically lower your order to the ground. The truck driver will place your order on the ground, and you are responsible for bringing it inside. If you do not have a loading dock or a forklift, you will need a lift-gate and must select this option during checkout.

Limited Access Locations:

Certain locations including but not limited to: storage units, churches, synagogues, temples, schools, commercial establishments not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours, construction sites, fairs or carnivals, prisons, military base/installations, mine sites, rural route or out-of-town highway access locations, private residences, apartment complexes and dormitories, and businesses located at a private residence, farm or ranch that are not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours, may be considered “Limited Access”. If your delivery destination is considered limited access it requires additional coordination between the recipient and the freight company. There is a small additional fee for this service and is required to be properly selected from the shipping choices provided during checkout.

Call to Schedule Delivery Appointment:

Some deliveries require a scheduled appointment. If this is needed, the driver will contact the recipient to set-up an agreed upon delivery time.

Undeliverable Products:

If the product is undeliverable, Bulk Container Express will contact the buyer and attempt to resolve the issue prior to having the goods returned to our distribution center. If however the incorrect service level was selected during checkout Bulk Container Express cannot guarantee final delivery.

If you have any further questions regarding our shipping policies, transit options, or delivery methods please contact our customer service experts.