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warehouse workers assembling custom containers

Custom Bulk Containers by BulkContainerExpress

Sometimes an off-the-shelf bulk container doesn’t quite fit your material handling needs. Whether your requirements can be met with a simple modification or a completely original design, we have solutions for any problems you might face. Options range from extended height and length, various styles of doors, customized lids, and a variety of add-ons that improve the usefulness of your containers. Contact us today for more details.

concept design icon

Concept Design

Our sales, engineering and manufacturing personnel work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

Container design

Rapid Prototyping

Once the design is agreed upon, we expedite your prototype order for immediate testing.

Blue Print


Once the prototype is approved, our skilled workforce will produce your production order to your specifications.

custom 90-inch long container with 4-door entry

Extended Sizes

It can be tricky finding a container that can hold extra-long or tall components. RPP Containers regularly deals with customizing containers to fit the height or length you need to get the job done. Using plate welding with steel supported joints, your parts are stored efficiently and securely no matter the circumstance.

custom bulk container with barn door entry

Wall Modifications

Standard bulk container openings can be a problem for those working with heavy, large, or fragile materials. Custom wall structures are a great solution that make loading and unloading your components easier, faster, and safer. We offer a variety of custom access points designed to help you load materials more efficiently including: creating side access or barn doors, adding removable walls, or access panels. We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

bulk container with 2 custom windows

Add-Ons & Accessories

A full bulk container can be a heavy and unwieldy thing to move around. And what you’ve stored in it can be just as unmanageable. As common as these problems are, it can be tough finding a container to fit your needs. That’s where RPP Containers comes in.

We offer a variety of add-ons and accessories to customize your container the way you want it. The addition of casters and dollies makes pallet jacks and fork lifts obsolete. And adding clear windows not only helps you see your product, but can help with barcode scanning as well.

custom shortened pallet pack with secured lid

Pallet Pack Containers & Sleeves

The standard pallet pack is a great choice if you want a lightweight, reusable and durable container, but sometimes you need something more useful. We offer a variety of customizable options for this flexible container. Some of the options we offer are additional doors, extended sizes, modification of the lid and/or base, logo printing and changing the container’s color. There are options for every need.

lid with locking latch for ease of storage


Lids provide extra security and support for bulk containers, but a custom lid can offer a lot more. We work with you to create a lid to suit any unique application. We have a variety of solutions - from adding weather stripping or locking mechanisms, to reinforcements for extra strength. We also create extended length lids to accompany any extended size container.